Jingpei Lu

I am a research assistant at Advanced Robotics and Controls Lab (ARClab), where I have involved with research on robotic perception and manipulation under the direction of Prof. Michael Yip.

I received my B.S./M.S degree in Electrical Engineering from UC San Diego. During undergraduate, I worked on developing an image retrieval system for marine biological images using deep learning at Statistical Visual Computing Laboratory (SVCL).

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I have a broad interest in Computer Vision and Robotics, especially robotic preception for automation and control. I enjoy developing algorithms for robotic applications and I would like to explore how robots could learn and perceive the world to achieve high-level automation in dynamic environments.

Real-to-Sim Registration of Deformable Soft Tissue with Position-Based Dynamics for Surgical Robot Autonomy
Fei Liu, Zihan Li, Yunhai Han, Jingpei Lu, Florian Richter, Michael C. Yip
arXiv, 2020

Robust Keypoint Detection and Pose Estimation of Robot Manipulators with Self-Occlusions via Sim-to-Real Transfer
Jingpei Lu, Florian Richter, and Michael C. Yip
arXiv, 2020
[arXiv] [website]

SuPer Deep: A Surgical Perception Framework for Robotic Tissue Manipulation using Deep Learning for Feature Extraction
Jingpei Lu*, Ambareesh Jayakumari*, Florian Richter, Yang Li, and Michael C. Yip (* Equal contributions)
arXiv, 2020

SuPer: A Surgical Perception Framework for Endoscopic Tissue Manipulation with Surgical Robotics
Yang Li*, Florian Richter*, Jingpei Lu, Emily K. Funk, Ryan K. Orosco, Jianke Zhu, and Michael C. Yip (* Equal contributions)
IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters, vol. 5, no. 2, pp. 2294-2301, April 2020.
presentated at ICRA 2020
[arXiv] [website]

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